Collection: Turtles & Tortoises

Looking for a baby Turtle or Tortoise?

Selling small turtles and tortoises in the US is ILLEGAL! 

Selling small turtles and tortoises, with shells less than four inches long was banned in 1975 to prevent the spread of salmonella. 

The CDC says this ban "likely remains the most effective public health action to prevent turtle-associated salmonellosis." Some sellers try to skirt the law by using the exceptions allowed for legitimate scientific and educational purposes. But just saying the animal will be used for education or offering the turtle/tortoise for free with the sale of a tank does not make it legal.

Those selling online is also Illegal and getting away with it.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforces the ban on small turtle sales and has this advice for consumers:

Don't buy small turtles (or tortoises) for pets.

Chief Reptile only sells turtles and tortoises over 4" in carapace length. If you have any questions about this please let us know and thanks!