The Chief Difference

The Chief Reptile Difference:

Looking for your next pet? Looking for a store with the quality and service you expect?  What makes us different?

We understand there are many pet stores to choose from, we thank you for taking the time to consider us.  


  • Many of our animals are from local breeders which support the same passion for reptiles and share our level of care.  
  • Other animals that are not locally bred are obtained from the only the top breeders and animal suppliers in the industry.  
  • Our enclosures simulate proper husbandry requirements for each species.  For instance you won't see multiple snakes in an enclosure! 
  • All animals are fed the highest quality diets available.  From fresh meats to organic fruits and vegetables.  We feed only the best to our animals.    
  • Many pet stores don't show pictures of their animals or habitats on their website and/or social media sites, and we can probably guess why that is!  We are proud to show you our beautiful animals and enclosures because we know you will absolutely love them!  Want to see more?  Click here (coming soon).  
  • Lifetime support!  If you ever have a question about your animal, don't hesitate to stop in, call, email or contact us on, facebook or instagram.  If we are awake we will answer!  


  • Our frozen feeder mice and rats come from a lab grade facility where each bag is vacuum sealed to retain the highest level of nutrition for your animal.  These bags are packed in dry ice and shipped overnight to us. This allows us to offer only the best for our animals.  
  • The same goes for our live insects and other feeders! We have thoroughly tested quality, packaging and reliability of most of the farms throughout the country and picked the ones that meet or exceed our expectations.  We feed them to our animals and trust they will be perfect for yours. 


We thank you for considering us and hope to see you soon at the Chief!