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Pangea Drainage Mesh

Pangea Drainage Mesh

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  • Separates layers of substrate
  • Non-toxic and non-decomposable
  • Prevents dirt from mixing with the water source

Pangea Drainage Mesh Substrate Barrier prevents your decorative substrate from mixing with your drainage substrate. Just place between differing layers and only the water will flow through keeping your set up nice and tidy. Ideal for pets who desire both terrestrial and aquatic habitats or for live vivariums! 

The Substrate barrier is a must for pets who tend to dig and destroy your well thought out cage decor and earth formations. This screen keeps their crystal-clear swimming water free of contaminants and other sand, soil, or moss particles. Use at an angle to encourage draining into the water source or using with a waterfall setup. Reuse your drainage layer simply by removing, cleaning with disinfectant and rinsing. 

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