Pangea Fruit Mix Papaya Complete Gecko Diet

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This Pangea Gecko Diet food is very similar to the Watermelon-Mango formula nutritionally speaking but with a higher fat content and a different flavor profile. This formula is a favorite among our crested geckos and is devoured readily by all of our geckos. Can be alternated with the any of the Pangea Gecko Diets or fed exclusively. Pangea Fruit Mix Complete Diet uses a combination of fruits that your geckos won't be able to resist. It has been formulated using only the highest quality ingredients, including All Natural USA produced Dried Fruits, Whey Protein Isolate, Egg, Algae, Probiotics and more. Our ingredients are selected to contain very low levels of Anti-Nutrients like Oxalates and Phytates. We do not use any seeds, nuts, seed meal, cereal grains or high oxalate fruits or vegetables in our product. We developed this product here at Pangea and hired a Ph.D. in animal nutrition to make sure we got it right. Made with over 50% real and natural Banana and Papaya fruit; No nuts, seeds, or seed meals; Protein form whey isolate and egg whites; Guaranteed to produce an enthusiastic feeding response!


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