Reptizoo Infrared Thermometer

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Convenient and easy to use size. REPTIZOO's SH108 infrared ray thermometer is the perfect size for daily use. Easily measure the temperature on surface of any object by directing on the object and clicking the button to be detect the temperature, SH108 easily and accurately detects the temperature of basking location or hiding hole, the medium substance temperature for incubation and the pets body temperature. The SH108 has many beneficial uses.

  1. Automatic shut-off function after 15 seconds of non-use.
  2. Replaceable battery design (two No. 7 batteries)

3.Select Fahrenheit degree or degree centigrade

  1. Rapidly detects the material surface temperature 
  2. Simple to use and aesthetically appealing design
  3. Ergonomic design fits in the palm of a hand