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Vivariums in the Mist

Vivariums in the Mist ISO Grub - 1 oz

Vivariums in the Mist ISO Grub - 1 oz

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Iso Grub

Freeze Dried Freshwater Minnows

Iso Grub is the perfect addition to a balanced & varied diet for Isopods and other exotic pets. Isopods will consume the entire minnow including the bones which is also a great source of necessary calcium for them.

Iso Grub are freshwater minnows wild caught from the clean waters of the mid-west. Human food grade processes are used to ensure the highest quality product.

Iso Grub is packed by a company that provides vocational training for those with disabilities which we feel makes the product even cooler while supporting a great cause!

Product of the USA and packaged in the USA.

Each bag is a 1oz. resealable bag.

Feeding instructions: Feed desired amount of Iso Grub based on colony and/or animal size. Mist to soften if desired. Break info small fine pieces and feed to springtails as well.

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