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VivTech Professional Reptile and Snake Bag - Small

VivTech Professional Reptile and Snake Bag - Small

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Our small bag measures 8" x 12".

Reptile Bags for Professionals

Transporting your reptile has never been easier - with the VivTech Professional Reptile Bag series, you can level-up your transport and shipping of animals, keeping them safer and more comfortable than any other bag on the market.

Unique Hook Design

Each bag comes with a special loop attached towards the top of the bag, allowing keepers to use a hook to pick up the bag, and to attach the bag to a dowel during shipment, allowing the bag to hang inside the box - when done properly, this can create a safer, smoother trip for your reptile.

Pull-And-Tie Closure with Velcro Wrap

The proven Pull-And-Tie closure is a familiar feature to reptile transport bags - unique to VivTech, each bag comes with an additional Velcro wrap, for additional closure safety.


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